The Story of The Logo Diyarbakir Gastronomy, which is the product of an ancient culture of 12000 years, has shaped the way of civilization. Our logo, prepared to reflect this culture, is inspired by the rich cuisine of Diyarbakır. The delicious cuisine of this wonderful city is symbolized in the logo by the traditional Diyarbakır tray, which brings together people and patterns of different cultures.
Geometric patterns, which were first engraved on the pottery produced in Bismil Körtiktepe thousands of years ago, are still used in Diyarbakır trays today. Körtiktepe, the place where Diyarbakır Gastronomy started, is at the center of the design in our logo, which was created by being inspired by the art tradition of Diyarbakır. The goat figure, which is in the center of our logo, is a geometric pattern found in the works unearthed in Körtiktepe, and it reveals a cultural accumulation that goes beyond the limits of the era in which it was produced. Ears of wheat in the logo are a reference to Ergani Çayönü, where humanity first practiced agriculture. The patterns surrounding the goat figure evoke the zigzag patterns engraved on the bowls excavated in Körliktepe. The blending of these perfectly formed patterns with traditional patterns of Diyarbakir trays has brought the past and the present together. Since the cuisine in Diyarbakır carries a cultural accumulation of thousands of years.

Floral motifs depicting paradise, which are frequently encountered in traditional designs, are indispensable patterns of Diyarbakır tray masters. There are 12 flower motifs in our logo, which are grown in Hevsel gardens and symbolize the wonderful smells of Diyarbakır cuisine. These motifs refer to Diyarbakir's 12000-year history, which guides us to understand the civilization journey of mankind, and its deep-rooted gastronomic culture.

The font we use in our logo, inspired by the cuneiform of the Assyrians, emphasizes that Diyarbakır cuisine functions as a bridge connecting the past and the present.
The Story of The Logo